Batch - 2 Onsite Workshop on Human Advancement On "Teacher-Student Relation Especially in Pandemic”

On 16th September, 2021 the second batch of on-site workshop was conducted by RKSM NIHAR on “Human Advancement: On Teacher-Student Relation Especially in Pandemic”.

The workshop was duly started with vedic chanting by Sanyasinis of Sri Sarada Math followed by the introductory speech by Pr. Asheshaprana Mataji and a video clipping of Pr. Nirbhikaprana Mataji giving a small talk on Sister Nivedita was shown to the participants. The workshop was mostly attended by the teachers of RKSM Sister Nivedita Girls’ School. Following COVID protocol total participation was kept restricted to 30 persons only. The entire deliberation focused on interactive pedagogy to deal with different real-life challenges encountered by the participants in the teaching-learning process in recent new-normal situation. It illustrated the power of soft-skills like empathy and compassion realized through change in mind-set to understand other’s perspective in improving both intra and interpersonal relationships. The workshop ended by collecting feedback on the entire experience and suggestions for future improvements.