Nivedita And The Birth of Sri Sarada Math

Along with her manifold contributions to Indian arts, sciences and nationalism, Nivedita’s years at 16 and 17 Bosepara Lane also had a direct impact on the establishment of the women’s math, as envisaged by Swami Vivekananda decades ago.

It all began at the school for girls set up and run by Nivedita in 16 Bosepara Lane and later, next door in 17 Bosepara Lane. Sister Christine began assisting Nivedita at the school in 1903. Under their guidance, Sudhira Bose, sister to former revolutionary Debabrata Basu, started out as an honorary worker, helping the students with Bengali lessons while simultaneously learning English from the sisters. Sudhira would go on to mentor several generations of students, among them a young girl named Sarala.

In 1911, Sarala would initiated into the order by Sarada Devi herself. She would be known under her monastic name – Pravrajika Bharatiprana, and would become the first president of Sri Sarada Math.

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